Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring has sprung!

Well actually it's been more like summer, lovely!
Had a busy couple of weekends getting the additional half plot into shape for this year.
All the Broad Beans are in. Some I sowed in the growhouse (been a huge success so much space without taking up too much space, if that makes sense!)

and the rest I've sown directly into the bed (Medes, Bunyards Exhibition and Sutton)

Raspberries have taken by the looks of things so that's an improvement on last year

Jostaberry is leafing up nicely

Timperley rhubarb is shooting, no sign of life from the other crown

Carrots sown and germinating already

Onions and garlic coming along nicely

4 rows of potatoes planted (80 tubers - 8 different varieties: Red Duke of York, Vales Emerald, Anya, Juliette, Druid, Sarpo Mira, Golden Wonder, Bonnie)

Getting ready to transplant the brassicas, just waiting for the netting to arrive)

And the newest additions are 8 tomato plants growing happily in 'my greenhouse' (kindly loaned to me by Keith who already has three greenhouses and thought I could use one!! Very kind!

Can't keep away now!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Let's get cracking!

2nd year on the plot, more space, growing most of what we want, needed more space, but no greenhouse.................voila!! Found this little beauty on Ebay, and it can be moved to the garage in the autumn for storing onions, potatoes, squashes, pumpkins etc.

I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cold winter days

Well the exciting news is we've gained another half plot, sadly adjacent not together, but hey-ho! At least we can grow much more next year so I've been browsing seed catalogues and planning the beds/rotation......just a shame it so wet it's impossible to get up the lottie and get cracking. As you can see I've already laid the paths for the beds as I did on the other half plot. This worked really well and means I haven't got a hugh digging job ahead of me to get the beds ready for next year.

Raspberry plants were a dismal failure this year so I sent them back and Victoriana Nurserys replaced them without any question. These are all now planted along with the Jostaberry (looking forward to seeing what this brings next year), and two Rhubarb crowns (Timperley and Strawberry)

I had great plans to create a new strawberry bed using the Phormisol ground cover used for the paths.....but time and the weather scuppered this. It'll have to be a job for the New Year

I have managed to plant garlic (Lautrec Wight) and Onion sets (red and white) which seem to have taken well.......unless the birds and the weather have had them in the last couple of weeks!

Missing the fresh air, exercise and chat......roll on Spring and finer weather.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What fun!

No pics (let's face it, it's not that pretty this time of year anyway!) but I thought I'd better end the summer with my thoughts on how our first year as allotment owners has been.
Absolutely fantatsic!!!! Loved every minute of it and overall I'd say it's been a success. Met some lovely people, enjoyed the fresh air and exercise and had lots of lovely produce to show for the hard work.

Really happy with the lettuces, carrots, potatoes, courgettes, french beans, runner beans, beetroot, spring onions, and broad beans

Looks like we're getting another half plot so what will we do differently next year?

  • not bother with grew faster than we could eat it and was riddled with holes from the flea beetle (still tasted ok though)
  • grow more carrots, they were lush!
  • have a bash at growing cabbage, sprouts and broccoli
  • grow some parsnips, onions, garlic
  • grow more fruit: blueberry, jostaberry, raspberries strawberries planned
All in all another busy year ahead.......and can't wait!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our budding Allomenteers

Took the girls up the allotment the other day for some lovely fresh veg for tea.......she couldn't even wait to have the mud brushed off! Bless her!

Don't worry.....I found some more!

Here's a few spring onions, Mummy!

Our youngest having a rummage around for goodies

Our eldest daughter casts a very critical eye over the spuds

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lovin' my carrots! Raspberries....sent back!

Okay.....I'm obessessed with straight carrots.....I love these little beauties, hardly a knobble in sight!

As for my raspberries.....all but two of the ten canes have been sent back to be replaced in the autumn. Hoping for more success next year. One cane is VERY vigourous and I did actually taste a raspberry from it. At least I've got the autumn and winter to plan how to net it (and it's replacements) properly!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fruits of my labour

Starting to really enjoy all the veg coming off the allotment now.
Needless to say....we've got plenty of courgettes coming....last count there were 13 in the fridge!!!!!

The runner beans are only just starting to come

Here's some of the beetroot, had five jars off one row...mmmm, delicious.

Quite proud of our carrots.....not many of them but really sweet and ......lovely and straight. Must plant more of them next year

One of our Moulin Rouge sunflowers

This little fella was enjoying the warm sun.....hey, aren't we all?!